The most frequently asked questions.

Please search through some of the most common questions to get the answers you are seeking. If your question or concern isn’t addressed per the list below, please get in touch.

  • Aces Town Car Service accepts all major credit cards before the service or at completion of the ride.

  • Sedan and SUV – Point to Point and Airport Transportation must be cancelled no less than four (4) hours in advance to avoid a cancellation charge of the full rate for the reservations.

    Vans – Point to Point and Airport Transportation must be cancelled no less than four (72) hours in advance to avoid a cancellation charge of the full rate for the reservations.

    Hourly bookouts with a sedan or SUV must be cancelled with no less than a twenty-four (24) Hours advanced notice to avoid a cancellation charge of the full rate.

    Hourly bookouts for vans, limousines, sprinters or buses must be cancelled with no less than seven (7) days advanced notice of reservation to avoid full rate of cancellation charge.

Cancellation of car service due to a cancelled airline flight cannot be made unless given three (3) hours advanced notice and verification by Aces Town Car Service of cancellation by airline to avoid a cancellation charge of the full rate.

All clients who do not show up for their reserved transportation will be considered a no-show and will be charged the full rate of their reservation.

  • We love kids and want to ensure that they are safe while riding in any of our vehicles. However, we do not provide child seats for rent. Please bring any seating needs along with you and your ride. Should you not provide a child seat for your child, your trip will be cancelled and charged the full base rate.

    Our chauffeurs will not take any risks when transporting you and your family. For an explanation of Washington State Child Seat Law, please visit: http://www.dmv.org/wa-washington/safety-laws.php#Child-Car-Seat.

  • In our experience, weddings rarely run on time and wait times can become up to an hour after the initial scheduled time for our chauffeurs and vehicles. We understand, it is hard to stop a celebration for a very special day.

    This exceeded wait time causes quite a bit of a complication for us, as we do not want to abandon you on your wedding day, but we also do not want to be late for our next clients that we are servicing that same day. Neither option is acceptable for a client and neither is acceptable for us to be able to provide the best service possible.

    For a small company like ourselves, we cannot have a vehicle wait long after the scheduled time as we have other reservations for our vehicles and chauffeurs. Because of this, we require a minimum two-hour book out for sedans and SUVs. Vans, limousines, sprinters and buses require a minimum four-hour book out. Wedding reservations are required to be pre-paid to reserve service and carry a twenty-four (24) hour advanced notice cancellation policy for sedans and SUVs. Vans, limousines, sprinters and buses carry a seven (7) day advanced notice of cancellation.

    Our policy assures that no one is rushed and the chauffeurs and vehicles are on hand for the allotted time of the reservation and ready whenever everyone else is ready to go.

  • Our luxury sedans can accommodate three (3) large suitcases and three (3) passengers. Our luxury SUVs can accommodate six (6) large suitcases and six (6) passengers. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating or luggage capacity.

    Requesting a vehicle that does not accommodate the number of passengers and/or luggage at pick-up location will result in cancellation of service and charged the full base rate.

  • Your chauffeur will be tracking your flight and will make contact once you have landed. Please respond to your chauffeur once you have landed. If checking bags, please collect your things at baggage claim and then call/text your chauffeur back to let the chauffeur know that numbered door you are exiting. (NOTE: all doors have a little red sign above the doorway when an even number placed in white.) Your chauffeur will be waiting at a nearby lot moments away and will pick you up at the exit door you have specified.

    If you have elected for your chauffeur to meet you at baggage claim to assist with luggage, your chauffeur will be waiting with your name on a sign at the baggage claim carousel. If you’re unable to locate your chauffeur, please do not leave the baggage claim area, text / call your chauffeur to ensure you two are connected.

    If you have not provided your mobile number, please contact us or call us to update this information so that your chauffeur can make contact upon your landing.

    If your flight is more than one (1) hour delayed we will do our best to reschedule and accommodate you, though we cannot guarantee service in such events.

  • We love animals and don’t mind taking you and your friendly animal to the vet, dog park, airport, etc. All we ask is that you keep all clean pets on a leash and on the floor of the vehicle or in a pet carrier in the backseat with you while riding.

    Any damage or soiling caused by your pet will be charged accordingly for repairs or cleaning.

  • Yes, we’d be happy to help you get an account set-up. If you are an organization or individual looking to set-up an account, please visit our Contact Us page to fill out the appropriate form. An Aces chauffeur will follow-up to discuss your account details further.

  • Yes! Our rates are all inclusive of fees and taxes and it is not necessary to tip your chauffeur additionally. We pride ourselves to fairly compensate all team members that contribute to your trip including your chauffeur, reservationists, detailer, etc. If you would like to tip your chauffeur after service, you may do so, but it is not expected.

  • Aces Town Car Service has a fleet of vehicles available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Let us know when you need us, and we will be there. Schedule your car service today!