But, even this Rabbi concedes that such objections are debatable, of course, given the emotional connection that most pet owners have with their beloved friends. I think that’s because he uploaded the ashes of his pet cat cremation. While there are some that frown upon pet funerals, if a family feels the need to have a formal farewell to their cherished companion, then they should certainly do so. A companion animal funeral can be nothing more a viewing of the pet, with a few supportive friends and family members gathered around. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Cat cremation urns alone offer a large variety of different designs, which are all, as the name implies, feline-themed. Reputable crematories will be glad to give price information (and answer all other questions, for that matter) over the phone. In fact, when we face other problems or issues in our lives, our pets serve as a great comfort to help us forget of our daily worries. These are just a few ways that one could create an unforgettable remembrance of a remarkable fur-ever friend. heavens and the earth, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and the mountains, We can engrave your memorial urn and ship it free the same day. The movie title; “All Dogs Go to Heaven” Communal cremation involves the incineration of many pets in the same cremation chamber. forever. It may cost about $30 to $70. *FREE* shipping on orders $49+ and the BEST customer service! If you have the cat’s ashes given back to you, it is an option, but they will be mixed with ashes of other animals. like you. or spiritual guidance, it would come from friends within the community, helping It is not always practiced that way but that is clearly the emphasis of the Compared to dogs we usually think of cats as inferior in terms of strength, intelligence, usefulness, etc. As mentioned before, there are many options for storing (or dispensing of) your pets remains after the cremation process. Those that do usually offer embalming of the pet as well, in preparation of the services. That group’s website estimate that there are more than 600 pet crematories in the United States (making them readily available in just about every medium-to-large-sized city) and that at least 400 of those would qualify as reputable businesses. This is especially true if the family intends to scatter or bury the ashes on private property with the owner’s permission. Those years are represented in the fact that we can come to rely on them so greatly that we don't realize how much we feel we need them until they must, unfortunately, depart our world. Additionally, several articles on the topic written by experts in Islam say that cremation may be the most spiritually helpful method of disposal that a pet owner can choose. In Islam, funeral rites are prescribed by the divine law. There is also Individual Cremation It is also referred to as priority cremation, where only one pet is cremated at a time. While some pet crematories and funeral homes are able to provide a cremation vessel, there is a large selection of creative pet urns and keepsake urn that can be found on-line, and families should feel comfortable in opting for a vessel that best suites the pet, regardless of where it comes from. 3.0 out of 5 stars 2. By: A. Muhammad. Cremation was practiced in biblical times, but it was not commonly practiced by the Israelites or by New Testament believers. In Reputable crematories will be happy to explain these procedures to you in detail. Private Cremation A maximum of four pets are cremated at the same time. That’s not necessarily true for all humans, but all the animals will go Pet cremation can offer a wonderful solution for anyone who is unable to inter their pet, or is unable to handle their body after their passing (i.e. was absolutely correct. The one overriding theme that comes about the religious literature we surveyed on this topic seems to be that pet cremation is a perfectly reasonable and safe practice – so long as it is done with dignity and respect. Losing a treasured companion animal can be one of the most heartbreaking events that all pet owners face. Submission to God (Islam in Arabic) is a way of life that encourages kindness, tolerance and acceptance. Other than that, somewhat trivial, objection to pet cremation among the Jewish religion, we found no other mention of religious prohibition of the practice. For families wishing to bury or scatter a pets remains, there are generally no restrictions against the practice. There are pet cemeteries for which vets usually have details, or you can take the body home for burial. | The body is placed in the cremation component and then subjected to the exceedingly high heat of 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Salmafina Sunan showed a jar filled with the ashes of her dead cat. God says: “You train them according to God’s teachings.”. Some biodegradable pet urns are created to be dispensed of at sea, and depending on the vessel, one would simply place the urn in the water, where it will float momentarily before gracefully sinking. These beautiful memorials range from an elegantly sculpted cat figurines, to beautiful and modern covered vases that feature relief carvings of cats whimsically playing at 'Rainbow Bridge'. Throughout a Muslim funeral, the body is handled with extreme care. Most people opt for cremation arranged by the vet. Arrangements can be made to attend the cremation of your pet. Toll-Free: 1.800.511.5199 This reduces the biological matter to dust and dried bone, which is then ground to a gritty sand-type substance. A small animal cremation lasts between 30 to 45 minutes and the cremation of larger animals lasts a few hours. © 2002-2020 - Memorials.com - All Rights Reserved, 15605 S Padre Island Dr, Corpus Christi, Texas 78418. Another fee one must consider apart from the cat cremation cost is the price of the memorial. As mentioned before, the question of whether cremating a pet is acceptable per an individual's religious beliefs is answered by how the family feels it would be best to lay their beloved pet to rest. Cremation completely destroys the deceased's body. Christianity, Judaism and Islam all have traditions that frown upon cremation, if not outright prohibit it. The most basic options start at well under $100. A particularly interesting vessel that is meant to be interred is made with tree seeds, and will sprout into a living memorial in honor of the pet. We must learn to see the gospel or Jesus everywhere in life. [6:38], Among His proofs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, The cost of cremation may be fairly modest; $80-1000 are the typical low-end figures. Not everyone is happy about this, of course. Nevertheless, on an average, cat cremation can cost about $60 to $150. When animals are cremated with others, reputable crematories will have strict identification procedures to assure that remains are returned to the correct owners. In this type of cremation, it is not possible to have the ashes of only your cat returned to you. We make our own mental image—I’ve always had the soothing This changed in 1963, when the church lifted its prohibition on cremation. The exact cost of cat cremation depends on the type of cremation and memorial service you choose. We Conditions | for people who are certain. Some individuals utilize only the smaller keepsakes, and either scatter or inter the remainder in a favorite place of the pet (i.e. Private Pet Cremation. Quran, which is the scripture given by God to Muhammad in the 600’s AD. How much does cremating a cat cost? As John Galsworthy once said, "Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives." Rather it was narrated by Ibn Abi’d-Dunya in his Kitaab al-Mawt, via Ayyoob as-Sakhtiyaani. On the other hand, a person that strongly values their beliefs may feel that many of them can apply to their cherished friend, and may want to honor them as they feel is the most appropriate. Burning the deceased or discarding bodies to be eaten by vultures, wild beasts, etc., is considered sacrilege and abhorrent and, therefore, forbidden according to Islam. Often, families will have a question in regards to sizing a pet cremation urn; generally speaking, pet remains will require one cubic inch of urn space for each pound that an animal weighed. Whether we realize it or not, we greatly depend on our pets from an emotional standpoint, as they offer us a world of comfort and companionship. In a sense, cats can be unwanted and rejected by some in society. Other bio-urns are crafted to be buried in the earth, where they will eventually break down, allowing the pet's remains to become one with nature. Moreover, factors like the area, time, etc. It is therefore forbidden. This is the lowest amount you are likely to pay if you have your cat cremated at the vet. Dogs cannot be “bad” since they are submitters. FREE Shipping by Amazon. A basic cat cremation in the UK will cost approximately £130. Terms & “One must let go of a pet that has died as it now belongs to Allah,” one website devoted to Islamic issues says. The Quran makes it clear that End quote. Just like beloved humans, the memory of beloved cats is also preserved in cremation urns. friends to cope. Cremation also offers more flexibility in planning memorial services. Again, the cremation time may not be the same for all animals, for example, small animals like cat cremation, birds, hamsters, mice, rabbits and others takes shorter time. $9.99 $ 9. This was especially helpful Unlike cremations for humans, no laws require the use of caskets or containers of any type during a pet cremation. Only relatively recently has the practice been approved for humans, and even with the approval comes rules regarding the disposition of ashes. | This is simply because many religions do not specify any appropriate manner of handling the body of a pet after their passing. Moreover, cremation offers a number of ways to dispose of the pet's final earthly remains, which are not limited to placement in a pet cremation urn, burial, or even scattering. Many people are hesitant to cremate a loved one’s body. With that said, when we lose a pet, we also lose a constant source of comfort and joy from our lives. traditional Islam, it is not considered clean to have a dog. A quick wag of a tail, or a soft and soothing purr can often be enough to help our issues and stress melt away. Often, the answer will be one that is more based on the individual's personal preference, rather than the views of their religion. takes much longer. Finally, I would like to quote some verses from the Quran. 50. all the other dogs I have lost, are romping joyously in Paradise gives me peace. There is no question that losing a pet is a very devastating event in our lives. Pet parents that face the loss of a treasured friend are also faced with the disposition of the pet after their passing. creatures will be summoned. Muslims are forbidden to take part in the act of cremation in any way, including witnessing the event or even stating approval of it. This belief originates from the Prophet Mohammed’s statement that breaking the bone of the deceased’s body is like breaking it in life. How we cope with the loss in our own lives is a personal matter. with this image of the younger, healthier, happier dog. The cat cremation process. Communal cremation is when several pets are incinerated in the chamber at the same time. Burials of pets are one of the most commonly practiced unspoken traditions of our species, but in recent years, the popularity of pet cremation has certainly risen. Pet Funeral. Cruelty toward the memory of any pet, especially when cremation is somehow a part of the cruelty, is simply not permissible in any religion, and we find that to be a comforting fact. He is able to summon them, when He wills. death, but true Islam takes all its guidance and knowledge from the Quran itself, [45:3-4], Do you not realize that to God prostrates everyone in the of a story of youths who fled persecution and hid in a cave for 309 years and their faithful dog slept there with them. This act can do a lot in the way of bringing closure to grieving families who have suffered the loss of their best friend, especially if younger children are involved.