Everyone loves witty jokes. He pasta way. Page . The entire affair is going to be handled by the best caterer in Washington , I'll ensure your meals are salt free Daddy, I really want you to come.' 'Honey,' Dad complains, 'you know I can't eat those rich foods you and your friends like to eat.' YOU are the weakest link! I did not expect to get over 200 upvotes on this common repost! Dead. We’ve curated 20 droll ‘did you hear’ jokes for your chuckling pleasure. If you’ve got more jokes or memes that could brighten our … His name just lends itself. Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? Did you hear about the fire at the circus? I feel better about people in general now, and that’s never a bad thing, right? 50 Genuinely Funny Jokes to make you laugh Last Updated: 8th July 2020. Today at the bank, an old lady asked me to help check her balance. Edit: Wow guys! He’s all right now. It was in tents. That's when you know you have a bad joke so horrible that it's actually funny. So You Think You Know Everything? Funniest Jokes New Jokes Funniest Do You Know Jokes. Enjoy the best Do You Know jokes ever! Do you know how to avoid clickbait? 3. Amazing Facts sent in by John Franklin* A dime has 118 ridges around the edge. But dinosaurs have long been the focus of humor, including a bevy of jokes at the expense of these long-gone beasts, which roamed the earth millions of years ago. Did you know that many of the phrases and things we do these days have their roots deep in history? Absolutely dead. Home; Topics; Funniest Jokes; Do You Know Jokes Contents. A Joke a Day Keeps the Doctor Away! We imagine a stand-up comic firing off these jokes like machine gun bullets. Here is a crop of the funniest jokes involving the "terrible lizards," better known as dinosaurs: And the thing is, everyone needs a bad joke every now and then Call them " dad jokes " if you must, but it's not just dads who love a good groaner . Our did you know section is a funny look at why we do the things we do. Our hand-picked list of hilarious jokes is guaranteed to make anyone laugh. I don’t know what he laced them with, but I’ve been tripping all day. Did you hear about the Italian chef? 2. 1. JOKES AND RIDDLES. Obviously not. The President-to-be responds, 'Don't worry Daddy. Did you hear about the man who drank five litres of tea? Some are funny, others make us scratch our heads. Here are Will and Guy’s collection of interesting facts about common objects. There is a fine line between riddles and jokes. A selection of 'did you hear about the' jokes There are 126 jokes in this category. This house ain’t big enough for the six of us from memes. They can tax your brain, surprise your senses, and make you laugh. So … Or how about the price of duck feathers? Did you hear the one about the Italian chef? … Most Amazing Facts Read More »