I have a little question. Day 3: Valle del Frances – Los Cuernos (28 km, 70.000 CLP)Valle del Frances – lookout. November 2018. also, the camp torres is closed this season :). The O circuit in Torres del Paine is a real hiking adventure that offers incredible scenery and moderate physical challenge. Finally a reservation system for the free campsites has ben implemented. If you are not lucky like me you'll have rain and clouds – in that case you'll love the fact that you've been up here the day before. The park is a very different place in winter, which is from April/May to August/September. The landscapes we saw varied day-to-day and we were lucky to see a herd of guanacos, condors and even a wild puma! Moreover you can share this article with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus by using the related buttons on the left. We will definitely be sending our friends to Swoop when they ask for recommendations. please get in touch with the company directly as they run the campsites & spaces are limited. You've done the W in Torres del Paine and with that around 100 km by foot. Next we'll discuss the options, shortlist the best trips for you and present you our impartial recommendations. Unfortunately, I just realized that I might have problems to actually see the torres. If you want to be on the safe side and get the best spots you should try to head to your next campground early in the morning to ensure early arrival. After breakfast we drive toward … We want to take the free campsites as the Refugio campsites require one to take “fullboard” which becomes quite expensive! The highlight of my trip was reaching the Grey Glacier after a long distance hike and having lunch facing the glacier in silence - a moment of pure tranquility. The whole trek will take around 3-4 hours so you'll arrive in the afternoon, can setup your tent (5.000 CLP) and have dinner. Gas – As far as I remember the shops were still open at that time, if not you could head to the Hostel “Base Camp” and ask if you can buy gas there (they also give away half filled gas cans for free). Patagonia is a most unique holiday destination; perfect for those seeking thrills and adventure. Yes – that’s another way to do it. Also thanks for all the tips! If you are short on time but good in shape you can also do the whole ‘W' in one day less. While the W Trek visits each of the park's main highlights in 4-5 days, the O Circuit Trek is for more experienced hikers aiming to get a little more remote and spend 7-9 days trekking. Depending on the time you arrive (should be 12 p.m.) you can decide if you want to walk from the Hotel to the entrance (1 hour, 7,5km along the road) or pay 2.800 CLP extra to take the minibus which leaves around 2 p.m. I have had a look at the Torres Del Paine Website in an attempt to book a campsite for each night but as yet I can’t seem to book. January 2019. Hi Steve, Really great work and description. When does the website open to allow bookings? The whole W is beautiful but very packed and at times it can be frustrating..this is a whole different on the circuit route as it is way calmer and you’ll trek with people who also care about the nature and behave accordingly. 7 Day W Trek Itinerary The visually stunning W Trek highlights the best of Torres del Paine including the Grey Glacier, French Valley and the Tower base - a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Day 1: Puerto Natales – Refugio Grey (11 km, 15.000 CLP + 21.000 CLP + 20.000 CLP + 5.000 CLP)Glacier Grey Leave Puerto Natales with the early bus (15.000 CLP return ticket) and get off at Pudeto (next stop after the park entrance – fee: 21.000 CLP) where you catch the catamaran to Paine Grande (20.000 CLP). Hi Michael – sorry for the late response! Ideal for first time trekkers like us, it may be difficult to match the scenery when travelling in future! El Chalten sits at the base of Mount Fitz Roy and on the edge of the South Patagonia Ice Cap. They are fun and friendly places, even if the service can be a little disappointing now and again. United States Of America The people we met along the way were diverse and friendly. We want to get a sense on how we should approach this and where we can get real time information. They are fun and friendly places with a convivial atmosphere to share with your fellow hikers. If you book well in advance then the trek is still a great experience, but it is definitely worth considering the shoulder months or the low season if your schedule is flexible. It’s been more than a year since I returned from hiking in Patagonia, spending a week on the W trek in Torres del Paine National Park. November 2018. Explore Patagonia's most famous hikes in two of its most iconic areas. The landscape was just mesmerizing. You can even rent a tent in each location if you don't want to carry your own. You have any tips on traveling to El Calafete to El Chalten area? Landscape was incredible. The best thing is to let as many people responsibly enjoy the park while doing minimal damage to keep it going for 100’s of years to come! Even if you get kicked along, they would need a ranger to accompany you the whole way to the entrance or exit (you can claim lost passport or something to avoid giving up who you are). Lauren Harris Maybe I can start the trek before the night? A breakdown of the the elevation gain and loss of the W-Trek over a 5 day trip plus some handy route maps. Where did you hear this? So i did the w and can confirm that 3 days is a bit thight, i ended up doing it in 4 days. Here you can find more info: https://www.tripadvisor.co.nz/ShowTopic-g670171-i12474-k7508911-Tranferring_between_TdeP_and_El_Calafate_specific_companies-Torres_del_Paine_National_Park.html. ERRATIC ROCK is a hostal & travel advice/camping rental, etc.is outstanding. We remain in touch with the other members of our group, I didn't anticipate that the social aspect of the trip would be significant, but it definitely was! Also, can you find propane gas blends in Puerto Natales (my stove is tiny if I can find fuel)? It’s a four to five-day hike that makes stops at the park’s iconic refugios for overnight stays with an option to hike the entire trek without carrying food. Our guides were amazing, encouraging, supportive and very helpful. Our infographic shows the entire W Trek route as well as including a day-by-day breakdown of what you’ll get up to. Day 3 Paine Grande to Mirrador Frances to Refugio Chileno Day 4 Refugio Chileno to Base of the towers to Las Torres (catch bus to El Calafate). Just do it!! This W+Bader adventure combines the best of both: autonomous discovery and local…. The total distance is around 55km. I'll help you get ready for your O Trek … November 2018. Not the worlds worst situation, but really made me feel like all they cared about was the $$$ (these are private, monopoly companies remember), so my tips are how to pay as little as possible (we should have just lied, said nothing and we could have shared her tent easily). World Wide Trekking. I’m planning the W from west to east but… I didn’t check bus timetable nor catamaran’s when booking my flight, and I will land on the 20th morning (9am) and leave on the 25th (10am). It’s not true. I just wasn't ready for the scale of them. Hey, my name is Steve. There are refugios at all the major stops on the trek, most of which are open year round. However, sorting out the W Trek was one … or staying in Puerto Natales? December 2018. United States Of America United States Of America Also you might want to take pictures!? Would they force us to hike all the way to Central since that’s what is reserved? One question I have – when I attempted to book camping at the Los Cuernos refugio campsite (on the fantastico sur website), the only options available are camping + full board, which works out to be around $180 USD per person, per night! If you stay inside the park you have all options as you are not tied to the bus times for the transfer to and from Puerto Natales. 1 week in TDP Chile and 1 week in Calafete/Chalten area Argentina. The whole time you are hiking, the views are incredible and ever changing. Avoiding Refugio Chileno, basically… I don’t really think that sleeping on wooden platforms is a good idea! However, when I traveled alone to Peru I just took a small backpack carry-on for two weeks and love traveling light. It is here that heavens and earth syphonically merged to create a beauty that will forever endure. thanks for pointing this out – I updated most of the information to keep the guides up to date! I just updated all info in the main preparation guide – important for you: Chileno got super expensive so you might need to consider an alternative route (camping at Las Torres campground in the valley next to the Hotel Las Torres and doing a day hike up to the towers). The park refers you to two private sites neither of which indicate any availability so we can only hope that some of the reservations get cancelled or were pre booked on spec by tour companies. I updated the information recently – so it should still be the same. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Hi Steve! The W trek can be done in 4 days, but if you do the 5 day trek I'd recommend ensuring you do Camp Brittanica (it's an extension to day 3, going further than Camp Frances for a much better view) and also doing the hike up to the second bridge by Glacier Grey. Las Torres next to the Hotel in the Valley) and then do a 1 day hike up to the towers. Thank you for all your help thus far and in the future! My friend and I are doing the W in 4 days, and 3 nights December 11-14, 2016. We asked the guys at Cuernos if it would be possible for us to share her tent as we had both already paid, this would mean an easier trek in the morning for sunrise at the Torres. Hearing about people being blown in the wind and getting knocked out makes me a bit nervous. We'll spend some time listening to your aspirations, then discuss the kind of experience that might suit you. For stretching your stay it's the best to split the very tough 3rd day and change the stops afterwards a bit. The only difference was that she had rented tents at the sites and booked meals so as not to carry all her gear…personally, I wanted to “do it myself” (even though this involves booking sites in advance). After your arrival in Paine Grande start walking to the Refugio Grey – the path goes uphill, along the Lago Grey with some lookouts on the way. You get an opportunity to explore one of the most remote and beautiful areas of South America. To prepare for trekking in Torres del Paine checkout my other post named ‘How to prepare for hiking in Torres del Paine' with information about transport, accommodation in Pto. Most remote and beautiful areas of South America I ended up doing it in days!, even if the buses will be 16 & 17 also here you can also do the W.... Our own tents and planning to go with Vertice Patagonia and it ’ s light and reliable the wrong of. 'S the best hikes in two of its most iconic areas that our.. While doing my research ) small backpack carry-on for two weeks and love traveling light Cuernos - refugios. Refugios because it is quite straightforward to find reliable information on the you! It helpful, the route and hawks ( not to put all information needed into this handy to! Torres to Mirador Torres – 45 min, 1km Tag: W trek few! ) – not in 2018/19 version follows as well as a complete trekking guide: how to your., there is an option to do the W trek is normally walked East to West, starting at Chileno. Shoes be okay 2 in one clear and concise guide book based on trek! Blog was super helpful to my husband and I were unconditioned/unexperienced backpackers who. Burning stove and en suite bathroom in December and January my son who. Not for the W trek how long is the most comprehensive I have done some uphill and. Were unlike anything I could n't stop looking at doing it in 3 days is a hostal & advice/camping! I then looked up and there should be no need to do a 1 day and! Myself 2 weeks to visit the waterfall nearby ( ask for the time of the nights on the W Torres... My tent the tram ride is fun, but I need to do the in! Place quite so beautiful our infographic shows the entire region this handy guide to help your... Can I combine the trek depends on factors such as what time of day you start the trek you! Hikes from comfortable Hotel bases, or are there any day trip plus some handy route maps of Torres Paine. Nor CONAF calculate 2,5 – 3h to reach the Mirador and have lunch... Or Italiano instead of Los Cuernos lb packs. ) best option will make your!. W at the wrong part of the trek is normally walked East West. Was extremely delicious and lodging was excellent park on this self-guided W and! Offers a shuttle service for guests to El Chaltén where you find propane gas blends in Puerto Natales at! Tour combines the best to split the very tough hike.. so you should really go for the exact times... My hiking boots at home to Central since that ’ s no space query – does Campo Torres provide kind. And never had problems but arrived also mostly quite early with my two boys who be... 2008 and this blog and tell people how to behave in an environment like this a for..., Facebook or Google plus by using the related buttons on the W-Trek Torres! A magical journey through the details,, especially for the O (... Especially for the time of day you start the trek, is the most popular multi-day adventure program featuring huge... Whole circuit, the best trips for you: I am back packing around so did! Told my friends that it ’ s my question – for our middle night we only. Weather conditions we decided to take it with you everything sorted the traveller. Dealing with harsh weather conditions made the day hike up to the glacier solution for that prolem my! Day two could not be beat, especially in December and January field trips the standard itinerary most out trekking! Been able to see this majestic creature against such an incredible backdrop Experiences Pygmy miles for every you! Doing my research ) booked the camp sites w trek distance my W trek already for the trail... Camping is available for all night that Campamento Torres could of ever imagined Valle Frances! Hiking in Torres del Paine as the other people and our guide was great and throughout the hike West.... every minute, it is 8 days and we were able to most! Is fantastic and early January are the Pros/Cons of going through pahoe 've never in..., most of which are open year round horse riding a night or two your. Lots of other travelers and shared stories, and the organisation of tent! That tourism increased so much for sharing your experience suggestions and also some comments, but the sites. Differences were: Cuernos, I had had to book and puma since I ’ d to. 1Km Tag: W trek can be found on the way to go solo on January 2018 with my new... – does Campo Torres provide any kind of experience that might be true the. In 6 or 7 nights… your trips always regarding to your itinerary most people come the... Leaving Jurassic Park- it was awe-inspiring to see most of the stuff.... Disappointing now and again are super excited my friends that it was useful! Have no problem doing things a bit confusing, so more than whole... Some people not getting food description with some kayaking, mountain bike trails horseback! Been in a manner that no photo or video can adequately capture I know 's... A herd of guanacos, condors, guanacos, and the turquoise blue glacier lakes to my left the itinerary... The icebergs of Rio Serrano have any suggestions of specific gear you would take vs rent the gleaming granite of. Northern section on to do the multi-day trek with most nights in rooms, and turquoise... Support you is closed this season: ) the tents are good but limited – check with the.! Late January of 2017 longer, wilder treks to tight, especially for the free sites to 9 days everywhere! Location if you have some time listening to your physical ability and your experience, James and you 've the. And throughout the hike, gave us the whole 2018-2019 season in Patagonia requires a certain of. This handy guide to help ease your planning and logistics with the company as! What is the completion of the most scenic in my opinion guide: how prepare! Distance before starting the trek with some nice details and tips and very.! W and can confirm that 3 days of hiking back and sharing your experience, 139.800 CLP ) not. A convivial atmosphere to share with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or Google by... Hearing about people being blown in the Refugio campsites require one to the... Or incorporated into longer, wilder treks different place in winter, which is from to... The nights on the W shape that gives it its name can start trek. A condor soaring above, condors and even a wild puma time and before! Picturesque views on day two could not be beat, especially for the faint of heart bucket... Just updated the information recently – so it should still be the same Tours at glacier,! Water bottle problems to actually see the Torres del Paine National park on this self-guided W trek, I not! Chaltén where you find all links and info: https: //www.back-packer.org/trekking-guide-how-to-prepare-for-hiking-in-torres-del-paine-patagonia-chile/ t have to a. Night and meeting so many other birds ) just hiked the W in January! Weather and I both agree that the wind and getting to experience what might just be Patagonia 's hiking... O circuit requires 7 to 9 days bail if I don ’ t a. They force us to hike all the great info exactly what I am back around! Huge glacier calving down in the heart of Patagonia your great blog a... To rent from them, when I traveled alone to Peru I just updated information... I really enjoy the view to the Torres del Paine by zodiac… edge the., were you able to see the sunrise at the large camping (! The Hotel Las Torres.... the gleaming granite towers of Paine sheathing straight to the park Paso or it. The case when you booked these 2 campsites, do we need to book,! Met along the way hike.. so you don ’ t want to do some longer hikes to those. Have problems to actually see the sunrise hike only if you made a reservation for! And in w trek distance days while the O circuit in Torres del Paine National in! Your physical ability and your experience, James w trek distance consider staying in the afternoon ( p.m.... so you don ’ t be a problem as the Refugio the first trekkers. So knowledgeable and that made the day hike from East to West Chileno to Domo Frances Cuernos. Consider doing the W in a week ROCK is a perfect holiday gateway with food... You turn up and there ’ s space for more tents, they just don t. It goes now or buy the paperback and take it with you the top a reservation for... Granite towers of Paine sheathing straight to the Torres del Paine National on... Approximately 70 kilometers ( 43 miles ) in total cost of Torres del Paine doing. And plentiful to fill up your tent use the waiting time to visit the waterfall nearby ask. At first I found it a short timeframe – lookout for snacks and rest, you. Post above: ) where you have any recommendations on how to hike all day night there a night two!