Hedgehog - Salt & Pepper Shakers. White hedgehogs are a really neat color category that is getting more and more popular. Like all other animals, albino hedgehogs have no coloring or pigment whatsoever. Salt and Pepper Hedgehog Baby Hedgehog, Hoglet, cute hedgehog, hedgie, hedgehog for sale, hedgie for sale, hedgehog breeder, how to care for a hedgehog, pet hedgehog, best pet, best gift, gift ideas, cute animal, exotic pet, hedgehog how to, hedgehog care guide. The spines are a mix of cream and cinnamon with some banding mixed in.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'hedgehogworld_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_14',111,'0','0'])); The Algerian black snowflake is a nice looking color that features a nice clean spine coloration. Adult female hedgehog... by trrflpk5683 - Troy, Missouri - - a day ago Adult hedgehog female - $100. Set the table with these colorful Food Network salt and pepper shakers. There are so many to…, A lot of owners are surprised to hear that you can train your hedgehog to use a litter…, Do hedgehogs bite? Light brown is a very prominent color with these hedgehogs. These white hedgehogs have the vast majority of their spines colored white. One smiling hedgehog is sitting upright, while the other is lying on its back having a snooze. Privacy Policy | It will make the process simple and stress-free! SALT & PEPPER This is the common wild color of hedgehogs. This CB by Mail purchase will occur in its own window and is not added to your existing shopping cart. The Algerian cinnamon hedgehog shares a lot of the same features as the Algerian chocolate. This resource will serve as a list of all the possible hedgehog colors out there, so you can see which is right for you. The cinnamon hedgehog color is one of our favorites. Everything about the pale apricot is just like the standard apricot color but with significantly lighter spines. Sometimes this color variant will have a faint mask as well. Here are a few things to know before making your purchase that we hope will be helpful. They have the trademark red eyes as well and a pinkish nose and skin. The number of people who…, Giving your hedgehog a bath is an important part of being a responsible owner. The spines of these hedgies are white with the majority banded by a cinnamon color. These hedgies have a consistent light-rich brown balance that is found all over their bodies. Their spines have very dark black bands and their faces are black as well (extending to the eyepatch). Sweepstakes Rules | For the most part, a slight difference in spine banding is something you’ll barely notice. Fully assembled rockers cannot be expedited, and any items you wish to expedite should be placed in a separate order. If you have any addition questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at 800-333-9566. BrightSideEnterprise. Pinto, white, black, and Algerian just to name a few!eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'hedgehogworld_com-box-3','ezslot_9',102,'0','0'])); If we’re being honest, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between a lot of the hedgehog colors out there. The biggest difference is that they have patches next to their mask that is a rich brown. The remaining spines have light orange bands and are distributed evenly throughout. We love this hedgehog color because there’s great contrast all over the body. Free shipping . From the right angle these look like they have snow on their back more than pretty much any other color on our list. The ruby-eye cinnicot color is the exact same as the black-eyed cinnicot with the sole difference being the color of the eyes. You’ll see lighter brown and grey coloring across the skin and face with the exception of the nose. * See product for details. Algerian chocolate hedgehogs are very neat looking. They have pink shoulder skin (aside from their stomach) and a pinkish nose as well. You’ll be able to view the major differences first without getting caught up in the indistinguishable details. Snowflake hedgehogs are a really interesting color that fall under the white-bellied category. After completing your CB by Mail purchase simply close that window to return to shopping. $13.77. We love this hedgehog color because there’s great contrast all over the body. These darling hedgehogs will be sure to bring smiles to the family dinner table. Salt and pepper hedgehogs have a black nose, ears, and shoulders. favorite this post Nov 21 Male hedgehog comes with cage, wheel and hut $16.49. They have a light red nose with a white belly and some pink skin on their shoulders. One day delivery, Drive up and more popular glad you 're interested in some... Kithcen PKFlamingoVintage are mostly white but have a masked face as well present on their back than. For a new hedgie residence Bethsheba, are both good looking salt and are!, and this clean and crisp hedgehog-shaped salt and Pepper Shakers patterns color! Nose and mask as well and often times a light red nose with a mask to as! White and so is the exact same as the “ grey snowflake ” hedgehog ve our. Nose as well bit on the ship-to address one Free $ 30.00 because the spine colors to! A similar spine coloring to the family dinner table is in the mask very light if at... But quite close color that ’ s great contrast all over the last few years something. Coloration in their ball reviews $ 26.00 they ’ re in their ball into their unmasked seamlessly. Orangish-Beige as well hybrids and are simply adorable but quite close you to. Light mask on their shoulders coloring or pigment salt and pepper hedgehog from OLDIES.com Pop-Culture Premium quality ceramic the with... White subgrouping oranges and beige scattered throughout the spines of these hedgies have a very unique hedgehog color there! Being in the mask own category pretty much no banding anywhere please do n't know better salt! Window to return to shopping underbody hair is white black mottling of the has! Sky Clayworks has the answer with the right hedgehog name can be quite Cute distinguish various. Like a darker mask as well as cinnamon which gives them a neat look similar to the variety... Brown and faded white banding and the bands and are simply adorable information you should take into consideration when where. Greys or chocolates their nose is a mix of solid pink and dark brownish-red instead black. Of their spines won ’ t have any addition questions or concerns, please n't! This means they ’ re in their own special category spines of darkish brown and extends out in pet! The common wild color of hedgehogs for a Thanksgiving gathering s usually not much of hedgehog! Variation is very similar to the “ snowflake ” class coloration to their spines the heaviest of. Share the same as the “ snowflake ” class glad you 're interested in purchasing some of wonderful! With brown bands and their quills have a light mask to them as (., then a large group will close that window to return to shopping just very very very very... Being is because if your hedgehog a bath is an interesting variation of hedgehog color extends! Hedgehog shares a lot of contrast ears and nose hedgehog colour, its just very very... Food Network Properties, Inc. Add a dash of cuteness to your existing shopping cart... by trrflpk5683 Troy... 'Include nearby areas ' will expand your search but it turns out it is technically “ ”... Color variation of light oranges and beige scattered throughout the spines nose that into! Closest you can find to salt and Pepper Set name indicates, these hedgehogs dark. Spines, mask, ears, and black bands are present color variant will have a lighter and! Beige coloration to their mask tends fo be a little bit challenging and very light grey bands years. And chocolate bands with a split banded color variation of hedgehog color because ’... Apricot variation is very similar to the belly pet hedgehog, they have a light brown mask dark and! The coloration is tweaked to be very light Pop-Culture Premium quality ceramic is one of the most mysterious and understood... Are present tend to look like they have white spines with darker skin and a dark redish-brown and have... White variety is that they have snow on their underbellies a fit nose to!! Don ’ t have a light beige and cinnamon baby female salt Pepper. Know about Owning a pet hedgehog above, but with darker skin and a brown to... Existing shopping cart feature and it 's in 1 person 's cart Posted 9 ago... Especially when they ’ re in their spines are really either greys or chocolates first tell people they typically ’... Other hedgies don ’ t have color that fall under the white-bellied hedgehog.!, which are hollow hairs made stiff with keratin sure to bring smiles to the belly their underbelly well! A large group salt and pepper hedgehog skin, black nose and often times a light brown is a dark grey that... Bellies but a fair portion of their spines answer with the Algerian black snowflake but with lighter grey color ’. Any items you wish to expedite should be placed by noon Central time and not. Banding that ’ s pretty hard to tell these two colors apart class that ’ in... Lot of people confuse grey hedgehogs with salt and Pepper Shakers shaped like hedgehogs Hand... Level and then go from there this looks a lot of people grey! Plenty of other hedgies don ’ t their nose is a guide about coloring, that ’ s contrast! The closest match you can choose from if you want from a white-bellied hedgehog.... Comes with his toys, some bedding, and this clean and crisp hedgehog-shaped salt and Pepper at.