Catfish is omnivores and eat almost everything. Fish grows faster than most other animals; hence, the period of the ROI is shorter. The simple random sampling technique was used in selecting 40 catfish farmers that provided the primary data used in this study. That means even in dry season, the fish won’t lack water. Go for training. Structured questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents. Presently, the cost of 1kg of Catfish cost about N1000. If you are using tanks or concrete ponds, always drain off the polluted water and fill the ponds again with good water. profitability of fish farming in many States in Nigeria including Delta State, not many such studies have focused on the profitability and technical efficiency in catfish production at the homestead level in the central agricultural zone of Delta State. This form of catfish commands a higher price in the market but you’ll have to spend money either hiring someone to smoke them for you or buying the smoking equipment and doing it yourself. Nigeria requires about 2.66 million metric tons of fish annually to satisfy the According to the Central Bank of Nigeria (2017), Nigeria spends over 288 billion naira on annual fish importation . Catfishes don’t need a veterinary doctor to check up on them regularly. Do not use boiled or aluminized water but use water from a stream or river- natural water. Individuals also demand for catfishes too for personal consumption. There are other things you need to put in place before starting a catfish farming business in Nigeria but the ones highlighted above are the basics. The best condition for starting a fishpond is to start it in a place with a shade or a muted light environment or habitat, which is why they grow faster. Breeding. Their feeds need to be of the highest quality. However, through catfish farming, I make a net profit of over N200,000 in a month, which makes me more comfortable than most civil servants. The profitability of catfish farming in Nigeria is very high this is because many Nigerian don’t know how to start the business. Fishes are bought in bulk also by people making health and beauty products. However, with adequate knowledge of the business, you will overcome them. Thompson OA and Mafimisebi TE. It catfish about 4 – 5 months to get to table level. Not just in rural … Even after expenses, you will still have enough funds left. This study was conducted in Suleja Local Government Area of Niger State to assess the profitability of catfish production. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about the profitability of poultry farming in Nigeria and how it is capable of employing millions of people, growing GDP and making you millions of Naira. They can live on land and can jump up to 2 meters in search of water. There will be times when you will feel like quitting. Cages are also used for farming catfish in Nigeria. For instance, it can cause nausea, loose stool, skin rash, indigestion and fish tasting burps. Especially when the result is not coming as fast as you expect. It also reduces vitamin E level and can cause interactions with contraceptive medications, weight loss drugs containing Orlistat and blood medications. These are what farmers and individuals consider before venturing into the business. Catfish grows quickly. You will agree with me that regardless of how bad the economy is, people must consume farm produce (Fish, Chicken, Goat, Snail etc). In Nigeria, because of the relative ease of catfish farming, the readily stable markets for catfish, especially as catfish is a treasured delicacy in Nigerian cultures, catfish farming has built a huge followers-base. Are you thinking of going into poultry farming in Nigeria? Catfish Farming in Nigeria. To keep their tanks clean, you’ll need to have a good drainage system that flushes out their dirty water and replaces it with clean water. Analysis of Profitability of Fish Farming in Ogun State, Nigeria. This is mainly due to unavailability of fingerlings owing to lack of adequate infrastructure for hatcheries and fingerling production. Catfish/Tilapia Fish Farming in Nigeria – Nursery Rearing: The Tilapia fry should be reared in nursery ponds at least a month before they come to actual pond.The nursery rearing can be done in nylon meshed hapas suspended in grow out ponds. Catfish farming may provide a major source of income, diversify an existing farming operation, or satisfy family food and recreational needs. Tilapia; This is the species of fish that lives in fresh waters like rivers, streams etc. How To Start An Organic Tilapia & Catfish Farming Business In Nigeria Fish farming is a branch of agriculture which deals with the rearing of different kinds of fishes usually for commercial purposes. It is highly consumed around the world for this purpose, It is profit oriented. The profits you will be making from that is mind blowing. Catfish farming is increasingly becoming an attractive form of agriculture for many Nigerians especially young people. If you are looking to go into fish farming in Nigeria, the question of the profitability of catfish farming must have been on your mind. Catfish can be stocked in cages dipped in open water bodies like rivers and dams. Fish sells faster than most other animal products in the market. Goat Rearing . This study was designed to analyze the economics of catfish farming in Lokoja and Adavi Local Government Areas of Kogi State, as a way of determining the profitability and viability of commercial catfish production in the study area. Nigeria, for instance, has gotten extensive marine fisheries that are being exploited by commercial fleets. Imagine cultivating your catfish in an urban area, with good road and nearness to market. Commercial cassava farming has been a very profitable farming venture for Nigerian farmers. How much does it cost to start a Mackerel, Tilapia or Catfish farm? GET YOUR FISH FARMING BUSINESS PLAN/Feasibility Study IN NIGERIA.To place an order, pay N10,000 to. Profitability of catfish farming in Nigeria. The period … But at home, aquariums or in closed water supply installation. farming. endeavor to put a protective net. You love barbecue and hear people talk about roasted fish, it’s cost, and sweetness and you imagine yourself being part of the business, but you had no idea. The current market price for 1kg of fish is N800 so you can generate sales of N380, 000 (475 X N800). This form of catfish commands a higher price in the market but you’ll have to spend money either hiring someone to smoke them for you or buying the smoking equipment and doing it yourself.Most of the structure you put in place for catfish farming are fixed … Students also receive extensive support and counselling that will help them start their own farming businesses. The profitability of catfish farming in Nigeria . All you need is determination and focus. Catfish Farming in Nigeria: Advantages Fish sells faster than most other animal products in the market. You can decide to do away with some items in order to reduce cost and boost profitablity. How to Start A Profitable Fish Farming Business In Nigeria (2019) What is Fish Farming? Look for a fish farmer that is successful for years, ask him where his gets his juveniles. From all the fish species, catfish farming has a great market demand in Nigeria. Catfish farming doesn’t have a good cash flow. That is because the maturity age is usually 4 months. Are you interested in small scale fish farming in Nigeria? Though the overall profitability assessment as indicated by the GM and NFI shows catfish farming to be profitable, the scale- wise analysis indicates that on average only the large farms were profitable. Here lies all you need to know about profitable commercial cassava farming in Nigeria. With an invested capital of N310, 000 and sales of N380, 000, your gross profit margin is 22.58%. Without feeding them well, you are likely not to make many profits. Catfish sells very fast because it is cheaper than meat, so there is a high demand on it. Catfish Farming in Nigeria: Overview. There’s a very good market for catfishes too. Key words: Fish farming, catfish, profitability, Kaduna State. To check out the profitability analysis of catfish farming, click here. Please cite as: Onyekuru, N.A ., Ihemezie, E.J. When the word “ point and kill” flashes by your ears, don’t squeeze your face wondering what it means. Apart from that, poor feed, wrong choice of fingerlings or juveniles, overcrowding them and overall mismanagement, affect fish farms easily than any other livestock business. The profitability of catfish farming in Nigeria is very high this is because many Nigerian don’t know how to start the business. This kind of fish grows quickly, farmers even can increase the speed of fish grows by adding special feeds. You have to spend a minimum of 4 months raising the fishes before they reach market size of 1kg each. It depends on your scale. Just learn with keen interest from experts- people who have been in the business for years and have made much positive impacts. It’s always safe and fit for their system. In terms of aquaculture, catfish farming is the most profitable in Nigeria. The African catfish is delicious, nutritious and grows pretty fast. The catches have actually played some role in ensuring that they meet the country’s food needs, apart from fish exportation. GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank) Account Name – Okite Joseph ikenna. Aquaculture production has The problem of profitability and scale of production of catfish has not been properly addressed. Starting catfish farming business in Nigeria is not always an easy task. Sixty respondents were randomly selected and interviewed using interview schedule to elicit information through multi-stage sampling technique. 9.1 Making ponds more profitable for catfish farmers in Nigeria Since 2015, we have partnered with Nutreco on the Catfish Sustainability Project (CSP) in Nigeria, working to enhance the production, profitability and environmental sustainability of catfish farming in the Ibadan region, while empowering small farmers to raise themselves out of poverty. I will be endeavor to make this article as detailed as possible and hope that other experienced fish farmer will add to it as we try to answer people’s questions by commenting. This involves building the earthen, tarpaulin or concrete pond, fertilizing the pond, stocking the fingerlings in quality water and feeding the Mackerel, Tilapia or catfish till market size. Don’t sell your catfish anyhow. The demand is highest from football viewing centers, restaurants and market women who buy in bulk and sell in retail either as live catfishes or smoked catfish. The profitability of catfish farming in Nigeria is so great that many fish farmers are moving in that line. What we will are going to talk about in this post is all about catfish farming in Nigeria. Catfish farming doesn’t require a very high level of O&M. If you are interested in going deeper and learning more about Catfish farming, then you need to signup to watch our tutorial videos that will show you what you need to do and know to be successful in catfish farming in Nigeria. By Inoussa Maiga on April 20, 2017 News, Nigeria Despite perceived profitability of catfish farming with a projected return on investment of 70% to 80% catfish farmers in Lagos are grappling with myriad of challenges that leave a sour taste in their mouths. Cassava tubers which is in very high demand is the raw material for producing 'garri' which is a staple food for the Nigerians. Just hold on and keep pushing. Packaged fish feeds like Coppens, Durante etc. In buying your juvenile for your catfish farming in Nigeria, you must look for the best farm that has healthy fishes. The profitability of catfish farming in Nigeria . Catfish farming in Nigeria can be a bit challenging but it can also be very profitable if you know what you’re doing. What we will are going to talk about in this post is all about catfish farming in Nigeria. Fishes are bought in bulk also by people making health and beauty products. PROFITABILITY AND TECHNICAL EFFICIENCY IN HOMESTEAD CATFISH PRODUCTION IN DELTA STATE, NIGERIA Aquaculture, the farming of aquatic organisms, including fish, molluscs, crustaceans and aquatic plants, is often cited as one of the means of efficiently increasing fish production in low-income, food-deficit countries. It is an online agribusiness training center where students enroll to watch practical tutorial videos that will teach and explain different aspects of agriculture, agribusiness and farming. Catfish grows quickly. Catfish is the commonest type of fish used in aquaculture in Nigeria. But if there is inflow of good water and an outflow of used water, you are going to make a lot of profits from the business. (2019) . Starting a catfish business is not a big deal. I won’t be factoring in the cost of getting a land. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Catfish farming is no doubt one of the most lucrative businesses you can go into in Nigeria now. Catfish sells very fast because it is cheaper than meat, so there is a high demand on it. Catfish farming in Nigeria is a good venture to go into. FARMING IN LAGOS STATE, NIGERIA ... Access, extension services, Profitability, Fish farming . Structured questionnaire were designed and randomly administered among 150 catfish … Hotels, Beer parlors, Pepper soup joints are ordering cat fish in large quantities and making lots of money from it. It lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and prevents mental health disorders. You can always find experts to help you set it up from the scratch. NOTE: We are noticing a sharp increase in demand for catfish at the moment and are predicting an uptick in price of catfish in the near term — that is likely to last till December of this year or longer.Be careful. Catfish Farming in Nigeria ~ Profitability & Requirement, Airlines In Nigeria ~ List & Details of 16 Operators 2020, Mercedes Benz GLK 350 Price in Nigeria {All 6 Editions}. Livestock Farming In Nigeria is also one of the Most Profitable Agricultural Business In Nigeria. Our catfish farming business plan will show you all the materials you need to get, what you should feed your fishes with, profits, balance sheet and cash flow for 5 years of operation and so much more! Lack of good quality water can make them not to feed well. Structured questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents. Catfish sells very fast because it is cheaper than meat, so there is a high demand on it. There’s a very high demand for catfishes all year round. These fishes in their various forms are very […] This study analysed the profitability of small-scale catfish farming in Kaduna State, Nigeria. You’ll also need a farm labour to help you with, To learn more about how to get our catfish farming business plan or how to get quality fingerlings and juveniles for starting your catfish farm, please call, 6 Agriculture Problems in Nigeria—and Solutions, An Intro to Hydroponics: 9 Benefits Of Growing Without Soil. Profitability of Catfish Farming in Nigeria. After payment text your name, your e-mail address and payment details to 08060565721 and you’ll receive your FISH FARMING BUSINESS PLAN IN NIGERIA / FEASIBILITY STUDY.